About Company

Norsu is a TM belonging to the “Confectionery factory “EASTERN SWEETS” ltd. The company was established in 2008 and since then has been actively trading. The factory also owns TMs “Bonday” and “Sonechko”. The products of TMs “Liga vkusov” and “Papa Snek” is only custom-made. In 2017 a new name appeared on the labels of the “Confectionery factory “EASTERN SWEETS” ltd. – Norsu. A wide line of confectionery (halva, wafers, candies and cookies) is realised under the TM Norsu both in Ukraine and abroad. The lion’s share of exports are the countries of the EU. TM Norsu is a complex of experience, fresh ideas and the latest world technologies. Wherever you are, either at home, at work, driving or walking, the Norsu sweets will help you to keep vigourous, energetic and to stay in good mood. The products of TM Norsu is the joy to the loved ones given in the form of halva, cookies, wafers and candies. We fitted unfittable: the best tastes from childhood and the latest world trends are combined in the art of confectionery. We move with the times, but we respect traditions.



All products of TM Norsu are certified, they correspond the state quality standards and the requirements of actual law of Ukraine. We strictly control the compliance with the sanitary norms in the workplace and use up-to-date equipment. There is a quality assurance at each production phase. A certified laboratory for quality control both of imported raw and finished products operates on the territory of the factory. Our sweets are produced from natural products and do not contain genetically modified organisms. The range of products is being updated with new items all the time.



We are always open to business with the wholesale and retail from any part of Ukraine, near or far abroad. We are ready to consider any variants of products supply, the terms, amounts and the intervals of delivery. All certificates and documentation can be found in section Quality, the address of the confectionery factory Norsu and the telephone numbers of the Sales and Supply Departments can be found in Contacts. We expand the distribution network, and if you own a shop or a catering establishment and you want to please your clients with the high-quality pastry – we are your vendors.

Why it is profitably to cooperate with the pastry producer Norsu:

  • Fresh products just from the factory to your shop.
  • High-quality goods made from natural raw according to the Ukrainian and international standards.
  • Flexible price policy for regular partners.
  • Delivery to any part of Ukraine, near and far abroad.
  • High taste qualities, proved by consumers feedback.

What can be better than to give happiness to those who you love?!

Enjoy every moment, live now and here with Norsu!