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Norsu – sweets for energetic and cheerful people who know how to create and appreciate the happy moments of life. TM “Norsu” – the result of combining the experience of confectionery production, bold ideas and the latest global trends. We keep traditions, but we always keep up with the times. Therefore, among the range of our products, there are tastes familiar from childhood, and novelties created by the indefatigable imagination of our employees based on 10 years of experience. Confectionery factory “Norsu” is a modern equipment, quality control at all stages of production and only natural raw materials. All products of TM “Norsu” are certified and comply with state quality standards and the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine. The range of our products is constantly updated with new products.

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Halva is one of the best known orient sweets. There are many kinds of halva, but the most widespread in our region is the sunflower halva. This delicacy is literally created for the healthy lifestyle adepts. The sunflower halva is rich with the vitamins B1 and F1, contains Magnesium and a number of active substances. That’s why eating halva you can optimise bedtime, get rid of mental fatigue, boost in optimism, keep your skin healthy, strengthen and enhance your muscles, including the principal muscle- the heart.


Waffle is a kind of a thin dry cookie with a print on top. Such cookies are baked from whipped liquid dough in special forms. Waffles consist of several layers of 2 mm thin each, coated with different fillings (fruit and berries, praline, fondant, chocolate etc). Just because of these fillings waffles have different tastes.

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Waffle candies comprise multi-layers waffles with different fillings, and chocolate glazed. Coated with cream waffles are put into fridge and chill at 2-4°C for 20min. After this the candies undergo “the chocolate shower”. A wavy pattern appears on the top of candies. To fix the pattern, the candies immediately go to the fridging tunnel. And the finished candies leave the tunnel, ready to be wrapped and packed.

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Cookie is a little piece of baked dough. It’s quite difficult to find such unlikely products in the world of pastry. What can be common between paste, puff pastry, tarts, butter biscuits and shortcakes? Cookie even shouldn’t taste sweet. Many of its kinds are of salty taste. This delicacy can be of the most fantastical shapes, with diverse fillings, can be glazed and in addition decorated with something tasty.

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